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nutri-senex - Improving the Quality of Life of Elderly People by Co-ordinating Research into Malnutrition of the Elderly



This leaflet is produced by members of the European Commission funded Co-ordination action nutri-senex.


The focus of the project is an the taste and smell losses that occur wich ageing, and how these changes decrease the enjoyment of food, which may subsequently reduce food consumption and the nutritional status of the elderly. Many clinical and laboratory studies have been carried out to examine the cause of these taste and smell dysfunctions, yet the elderly population is largely ignored commercially, as food companies mainly target younger consumers. There are very few products that are designed for the older consumer or care home operators.


The primary aim of the project is to contribute towards the improvement of the quality of life of the elderly. The benefits of the project are most likely to be feit by the frail elderly, but the activities within the project are not confined to this sub-group. It is aimed at improving the understanding of how diet can promote healthy ageing.





Ausnahmege-nehmigung für Pflichtschulung gem. §§ 43b, 53c SGB XI von GKV  verlängert

Neue Version 2.0 für 16-stündige Pflicht-Schulung für Betreu-ungskräfte gem. §§ 43b, 53c SGB XI als Selbstlernkurs mit Lernstandskontrollen

Aufgrund der über-aus positiven Reso-nanz auf unsere Selbstlerschulungen für Betreuungskräfte in 2020/2021, bieten wir allen Pflegeein-richtungen jetzt aktuell für 2022 die Selbstlernversion 2.0 für die 16-stündige Pflicht-schulung der Betreu-ungskräfte an.

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